Lightning Talk

Interprofessional Introductory and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences in Dental Clinics: Perspectives from Four Programs

Wednesday, September 14, 2022, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CDT

In comparison with well-established models of interprofessional collaboration, pharmacy and dentistry collaborations are still relatively newer in development. Yet, as the medical complexities of patients with oral health concerns continue to increase, it is crucial to equip learners with the skill sets to treat patients more holistically regardless of the clinical setting. Published literature discussing pharmacy and dental collaborative models is scarce and incorporates various models that engage learners. This session aims to discuss the experience of faculty from four institutions that have pharmacy and dental collaborations within their respective clinical learning environments and highlight lessons learned in developing those collaborations.

Pharmacy and Dental Faculty will share how they created partnerships to establish interprofessional pharmacy practice experiences within dental student clinics that fostered environments of interprofessional comprehensive care for oral health patients within their communities. Faculty will provide a “how to guide” for the development, implementation, and evaluation of interprofessional introductory and advanced pharmacy practice experiences (IPPEs and APPEs) in collaboration with dentistry and dental hygiene. Discussion will include background curricular preparation, design of the IPPE/APPE, logistics of the collaboration, preceptorship, services rendered, students’ assessment, and experience evaluation.

This talk will draw on the successes and identified barriers faced in establishing these interprofessional pharmacy experiences in dental clinics and provide practical solutions to address them. The impact of these experiences in advancing oral care and meeting the healthcare needs of dental patients will be presented. Dental patients’ care is expanded to include a comprehensive medication review with attention to medications’ impact on oral health, high risk medications that could affect the outcome of oral care, patient education, and drug information dissemination. Pharmacy patients’ care is expanded to include a greater pharmacist understanding of the impact of medications and diseases on oral health and increased collaborative skills with oral health providers.