2022 George E. Thibault, MD Nexus Award

Awarded by the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education to the Center for Advancing Interprofessional Practice, Education, and Research (CAIPER) at the Edson College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Arizona State University.

Congratulations to the 2022 Thibault Nexus Award recipient, Arizona State University CAIPER. The Thibault Nexus Award is awarded annually to an exemplary model of a “Nexus” partnership between practice and education for improved patient and community outcomes.


The Center for Advancing Interprofessional Education, Practice and Research (CAIPER) was established in 2015 at the Arizona State University Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation. Since that time, CAIPER Directors have received over $2.9 million dollars in funding to support interprofessional development and practice, education, and research projects. CAIPER was a member of the inaugural Nexus Innovation Network and collaborating with local and national academic and clinical partners has been a core value from the Center’s inception. Through continuous collaboration, CAIPER has designed, disseminated and evaluated interprofessional teaching-learning materials for health professions students, faculty and clinical partners across the U.S and abroad. To date, the Center has issued more than 40,000 Certificates of Completion to learners around the world for completing CAIPER eLearning courses and materials.

CAIPER’s focus today is on advancing the science of interprofessionalism and team-based healthcare through robust and novel interdisciplinary research, and then translating that science into training and education for health and social care professionals, faculty, students, and industry leaders. Driven by the mission of reimagining team-ness through collaboration, innovation, and activation in healthcare and beyond, and the vision of a humanistic, socially-aware and team-based healthcare workforce, the team at CAIPER is passionate about developing and delivering the highest quality interprofessional learning solutions.

Click on the video below to learn more about the work of the CAIPER team.




  • Barrett Michalec, Director
  • Yvonne Price, Associate Director Learning Solutions
  • Nina Karamehmedovic, Program and Project Manager
  • Jody Thompson, Digital Audience Strategy Specialist and Project Manager
  • Kaitlyn Nicolasa Felix, Project Manager & Community Engagement Specialist
  • Gerri Lamb, Founding Director

Jody Thompson,  Barrett Michalec,  Gerri Lamb,  Yvonne Price,  Kaitlyn Nicolasa Felix,  Nina Karamehmedovic