Lightning Talk

An Applied Interprofessional, Community-based Clinical Learning Experience Addressing Social Determinants of Health.

Sunday, August 21, 2022, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm CDT
social determinants of health

To address gaps in clinical education between the University of Oklahoma Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy, a novel curriculum was initiated with focus on the exploration of health inequity, community health, health literacy, and social determinants of health (SDoH). Interprofessional education and collaboration occurs with the goal of providing coordinated services to patients in a community-based practice setting through a student-run interprofessional Unity Clinic serving the uninsured of Oklahoma City.

Students gain foundational knowledge in interprofessional based collaboration to teach, practice, and reinforce interprofessional skills such as communication, teamwork, respect, community health, and ethics while serving roles and responsibilities centered around a population based, patient-centered clinical environment. Students participate in self-paced online learning modules, interdisciplinary case-based patient simulations, and team-based collaborative care at the student-run Unity Clinic. Participants complete a deep dive into current issues including human trafficking, quality improvement and patient safety through the Institute for Health Care Improvement Basic Certification and also explore community demographics to solidify understanding of local population health, health disparities and SDoH. Students complete basic training in telemedicine to support integration of interdisciplinary care while participating in Unity Clinic. Learning activities are anchored to the Interprofessional Education Collaborative core competencies and students complete a pre/post survey with qualitative feedback to evaluate the learning experience.

Our aim is to describe the synergistic approach implemented in our academic setting to initiate and advance this interprofessional clinical learning experience which will become a required selective rotation for all fourth year students at University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. Additionally, we will outline quantitative and qualitative student evaluative data from a year in review.