Lin Goldston, MHA, CPHQ
Executive Director of Academic Affairs
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
Lin Goldston currently serves as Executive Director of Academic Affairs for the College of Medicine at The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) and Chair of the Health Sciences Center Interprofessional Educators & Practitioners Association for the 2022-23 academic term. Lin has over twenty years of experience in health care, education, and public service. She founded the Institute for Healthcare Improvement-Open School chapter in Oklahoma and has helped lead the creation of several IPE clinical experiences including OUHSC’s first mobile outreach vehicle & the development of the OUHSC IPE Center.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

To address gaps in clinical education between the University of Oklahoma Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy, a novel curriculum was initiated with focus on the exploration of health inequity, community health, health literacy, and social determinants of health (SDoH). Interprofessional education and collaboration occurs with the goal of providing coordinated services to patients in a community-based practice setting through a student-run interprofessional Unity Clinic serving the uninsured of Oklahoma City.Students gain foundational knowledge in interprofessional based collaboration to teach,…
Background: United States medical and pharmacy curricula are typically four years, including pre-clinical and clinical components. It is unclear how perceptions of interprofessional collaboration changes over the life cycle of these programs. Pharmacy and medical students participated in three shared interprofessional learning experiences within the first two pre-clinical years, then non-uniform experiences during years 3 and 4. Our specific aim was detection of change in student responses from baseline until program conclusion using the validated 27 item Interprofessional Attitudes Scale (…