Lightning Talk

The Interdisciplinary Intervention Opportunities Tool for Diabetes

Wednesday, September 14, 2022, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CDT

Our team developed the Interprofessional Intervention Opportunities Tool (IIOT) for the Unity Clinic, an interprofessional student-run clinic in Oklahoma City. IIOT is a one-page color-coded reference tool that lists common diabetes symptoms and disciplines that can intervene per symptom. The goal of the IIOT is to enable students to think beyond stereotypes of their current and future healthcare team members and allow them to see real-world examples that are within each profession's scope of practice. This tool was approved for use within our student clinics and could potentially be modified and tailored to use with other frequently encountered diagnoses in other community clinics.

Interprofessional learning and collaborative practice are most effective when healthcare practitioners are knowledgeable regarding the scope of each discipline represented on their team. However, with competing priorities and filled patient panels, it can be challenging for practitioners to recognize how another profession can assist a patient. With complicated diseases like diabetes, the patient's outcome can be adversely affected by not providing holistic, evidence-based care from a team of healthcare professionals. The IIOT can facilitate conversations around roles and responsibilities and potentially encourage both interprofessional learning and collaborative practice.

The CDC estimates that as of 2020, 10.5% of the US population has diabetes. However, 7.3 million of that estimate are currently undiagnosed (CDC). Therefore, current and future healthcare practitioners need to provide care to a population which often requires a multifaceted and collaborative approach to improve outcomes. The creation of this tool was intended to assist new and experienced healthcare practitioners to quickly relay all the diverse ways each healthcare profession can intervene with a specific diagnosis in order to facilitate collaborative care.

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