Rahma Osman, MHA
Project Manager
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Rahma Osman is a Project Manager at University of Oklahoma HSC. Rahma is passionate about developing and promoting programming that foster a collaborative care environment. She currently oversees interprofessional clinical activities performed in clinic settings as well as in the community through mobile outreach. As a Project Manager, she is also focused on the expansion of the organizations’ student run interprofessional clinic.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Our team developed the Interprofessional Intervention Opportunities Tool (IIOT) for the Unity Clinic, an interprofessional student-run clinic in Oklahoma City. IIOT is a one-page color-coded reference tool that lists common diabetes symptoms and disciplines that can intervene per symptom. The goal of the IIOT is to enable students to think beyond stereotypes of their current and future healthcare team members and allow them to see real-world examples that are within each profession's scope of practice. This tool was approved for use within our student clinics and could potentially be…