Lightning Talk

Uncovered: A Co-curricular Strategy Establishing Foundational Values for Interprofessional Education

Wednesday, September 14, 2022, 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm CDT

We will discuss an interprofessional orientation week activity to break down biases and introduce interprofessional practice and education called “Professional Identity and Me”. This co-curricular activity was created to forge connections between professional identity and the values and ethics of others, as these are competencies1 for interprofessional practice and education that intersect with JEDI.

The scaffolding approach chosen to organize this activity was selected after a scoping review of literature of best practices for establishing foundational understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusive practices.2,3 The professional identify formation activity4 was undertaken to allow students to explore their own values and ethics before entering interprofessional teams for additional co-curricular learning.

The lightning talk will describe the mixed methods approach used to design, implement, and assess this IPE activity for 99 health sciences students (Nursing, PT, PA). The IPE activity concluded with a Mask Reveal art gallery event in which masks were displayed throughout the School of Health Sciences building. Participants reviewed descriptions of each mask and engaged in conversation regarding the impact of viewing others’ revealed identities for additional qualitative feedback.

Qualitative pre-activity responses revealed mutual concerns of sharing authentic self with colleagues. The post-event reflective exercise revealed many positive takeaways including finding unexpected commonality/similarity, a new appreciation for humble inquiry, a value of the diversity of backgrounds, identification of shared goals, taking time to introspect, and validation. Students also noted the early introduction to IPE and collaborative care as positive and desired. Quantitative results identified most students would promote this event to others and the objectives of the event were met.

Professional identity mask-making proved to be a positive first step towards a scaffolded curriculum dedicated to JEDI. The follow-up “reveal” allowed students, faculty, and staff to find connectedness within our learning space. We will also discuss lessons learned.