Lightning Talk

Training Future Advocates: An Interprofessional Approach to Advocating for Climate Change

Tuesday, September 13, 2022, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CDT

USF Health Interprofessional Education Day 2021 (IPE Day) included professionals from eight different programs (athletic training, nursing, medicine, public health, pharmacy, physician assistant, physical therapy, and social work).  By including such a diversity of health professions, IPE Day maximizes the potential to learn from other professions with other professions. 

The day-long event was split into morning and afternoon sessions.  Over 700 guests participated in the virtual morning session which consisted of keynote addresses by policy makers, educators, and medical experts, along with panel discussions. The in-person, invitation-only afternoon session was attended by 96 students representing eight healthcare disciplines. The session provided interactive discussions, team planning, presentations, and included a competitive component with judging. Each team was supported by a faculty facilitator and a College of Public Health Activist Lab student. The learning objectives embedded IP competencies: (a) embrace the diversity and individual differences that exemplify working with an interprofessional team, (b) discuss how each team member’s professional role affects the interprofessional team’s ability to address the climate crisis issue, (c.) apply the steps that will build effective coalitions for advocacy efforts, (d.) develop, with teammates, an advocacy issue plan to communicate the team’s shared values and recommendations for addressing the global climate crisis issue, and (e.) demonstrate best practices in effective advocacy when presenting the climate crisis issue and recommendations to the target audience. This interprofessional approach to the advocacy provided 96 future healthcare providers with unique skills to help them address urgent healthcare crises using coalitions and effective advocacy.