Lightning Talk

Establishment of an Interprofessional Home Visit Program

Wednesday, September 14, 2022, 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm CDT
home health

The University of Kansas Department of Family Medicine has a robust history of interprofessional activities, including our Interprofessional Teaching Clinic (IPTC). Student teams comprised of learners from medicine, pharmacy, psychology, nursing, PT, OT and sometimes law are given autonomy and independence to evaluate patients and then propose their treatment plans before faculty help complete each visit. Two family physicians, along with faculty from other professions, provide supervision.
Our patients tend to be complex both medically and socially, such that caring for them presents an opportunity for also learning about the social determinants of health. After consideration of the challenges of these patients, we recently established a home visit program. The format is similar to the IPTC, but student teams travel to patient homes to complete their evaluation, along with the help and under supervision of a preceptor. This presentation will discuss the value of these home visits and the challenges we encountered along the way.
We feel that this is an excellent example of Personal, Family and Community-Engaged Practice and Education. While the value of interprofessional learning and practice is widely accepted, this care is primarily provided in practitioner-centered venues. Seeing patients in their home allows for greater focus of the challenges of their daily living. These visits get students out of their comfort zone and is the epitome of patient-centered care. Students enjoy the experience and patients receive personalized care.