Lightning Talk

Development of the Interprofessional Dementia Caregiving Telehealth Community Practicum Badge Curriculum

Tuesday, September 13, 2022, 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm CDT

Informal dementia caregiving by family caregivers is a crucial component of the care provided to people living with dementia (PLwD). Currently, health professional training focuses on providing care to PLwD and does not always address the caregiver’s needs and training often occurs within professional solos and not interprofessionally. This study sought to address this issue by: 1) examining the current state of interprofessional dementia caregiving trainings in the US; and 2) developing a micro-credential curriculum called interprofessional dementia caregiving telehealth community practicum badge suitable for health profession students in order to meet the needs of dementia caregivers in Wisconsin. This topic aligns with the Summit theme as the interconnectedness of caregivers as teachers, state organizations as resources, and faculty as facilitators is explicit and required. The interprofessional telehealth curriculm is unsuccessful without the intersectionality of all stakeholders. Learners will leave with an innovate model that can be adapted and sustained to build capacity in order to meet the needs of health profession students working with caregivers caring for people living with dementia. Students who are trained IP will be better positioned to achieve the Quaruple aim relative to managing caregiver needs. The curricula expands from the classroom, the person's living environment and to Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRC) across WI.