Lightning Talk

Creating Mattering for Students and Practitioners Through Interprofessional Learning and Practice

Monday, August 22, 2022, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm CDT

Mattering describes when an individual both adds value and feels valued. Mattering is an important contributor to the psychological well-being of individuals and has been found to be associated with lower self-reported burnout in clinicians. Our research demonstrates that positive interprofessional interactions foster mattering for medical and nursing students, as well as practicing clinicians. This talk will introduce the psychological construct of mattering and provide insights into the importance of interprofessional learning and practice in creating cultures of mattering in academic healthcare environments.

Our research and this presentation address two of the conference themes, interprofessional collaborative practice and education and the application of social sciences to IPE. The construct of mattering arose in psychology and has been studied in other educational settings, and there is emerging interest in mattering at work. Our mixed-methods research explores mattering in healthcare education and practice. Through qualitative interviews with a wide variety of clinicians (including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social work, chaplains, radiology technicians, etc) (n=32) and students (n=41), we are finding evidence of the impact interprofessional learning and relationships have on mattering, engagement and resilience.