Natalie May, PhD
Associate Professor of Research
University of Virginia
Natalie May is Associate Professor of Research in the UVA School of Nursing and faculty in the UVA Center for Interprofessional Collaborations. An experienced qualitative researcher, she has extensive grant writing, program and curriculum development, and program evaluation experience. Her current research includes the Mattering in Healthcare study and the Wisdom from Within: Nurse Managers study. She was also an investigator for the Wisdom in Medicine Project: Mapping the Path Through Adversity to Wisdom. She is co-author of the 2021 textbook, Self-Care for New and Student Nurses and co-author of Choosing Wisdom: Strategies and Inspiration for Growing Through Life-Changing Difficulties.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Mattering describes when an individual both adds value and feels valued. Mattering is an important contributor to the psychological well-being of individuals and has been found to be associated with lower self-reported burnout in clinicians. Our research demonstrates that positive interprofessional interactions foster mattering for medical and nursing students, as well as practicing clinicians. This talk will introduce the psychological construct of mattering and provide insights into the importance of interprofessional learning and practice in creating cultures of mattering in academic…
The Train-the-Trainer Interprofessional Team Development Program (T3-ITDP) is a national professional development program for interprofessional teams of health professions educators, clinicians, and administrators. Institutional teams each consisting of three or more members representing at least two professions participate in an interactive 3.5-day training designed to immerse trainees in the design, implementation, and assessment of evidence-based IPE activities and programming. Core to the program is the integration of project-based learning as part of the learning pedagogy. Teams apply…