Lightning Talk

Auxocardia: The Heart Growing Work of Becoming a Healthcare Provider

Sunday, August 21, 2022, 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm CDT
medical humanities

The word ‘auxocardia,’ is defined as “enlargement of the heart, either by hypertrophy or dilation” ( At Auxocardia Journal, we like to broaden that definition of heart expansion to also include, ‘the process of becoming a healthcare provider.’ Auxocardia Journal ( was founded in 2020 as a collaborative, community space for learners in the health professions to share their reflections on the process of becoming a healthcare provider. Publishing biannually, in May and November, we seek to provide a forum for students to express themselves creatively and share those reflections with a broader audience. Auxocardia seeks to share the triumphs, trials, and tribulations of medical, social work, midwifery, nursing, dentistry, PA school and more. It seeks to recognize the immense privilege of working in the healing professions, honoring the patients we serve, and recognizing the teachers who shape us, while also offering an honest take on the challenges associated with the process. Auxocardia Journal entered the literary space soliciting submissions from all members of the health professional student community. Our journal accepts art, essays, videos, literary interviews, fiction, poetry and more from students in the health professions disciplines. It is our contention that reading, viewing, and engaging with the collaborative works of our colleagues fosters empathy, enables us to be better healthcare team members, as well as better future providers for our patients. Our talk seeks to share the genesis of this project, share lessons learned in terms of our growth and development as an organization, and explain how the medical humanities can serve as a foci for members of the interprofessional community to collaborate in creating better care for our patients.