Lightning Talk

Supporting the Exploration, Identification, and Recognition of Lenses in Collaborative Practice

Sunday, August 21, 2022, 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm CDT

No matter what role someone has in their field, they have their own unique lens and point of view. Presenters from Touchstone Mental Health will speak about their experience working with interns from an interprofessional background, when it comes to the exploration, identification, and recognition of their own lenses and the lenses of those with whom they interact.

Attendees will learn about the stages of development of a student’s lens and the importance of understanding one’s own lens within collaborative practice. Presenters will discuss the lifecycle of an intern at Touchstone Mental Health and how these interns consistently explore and learn ways to identify and develop their own professional lenses in the field.

This presentation will also cover skillsets on how to develop insight and have open conversations with instructors, preceptors, supervisors, and professionals about their own professional lenses. Knowing the lenses of others can help create positive client care in a collaborative team setting.

Even though these examples are taken from the presenters’ experiences with interns, the information learned within this presentation can be used with students, professionals, clients, and others within the field.

Direct takeaways include processes that can be implemented at an agency or learning environment to help students practice, gain insight, and grow within the development of their lenses. These takeaways are actionable and can result in better client care, better communication between professionals, and a better understanding of collaborative practice for interns, educators, and seasoned professionals.

Presenters are from Touchstone Mental Health, a multi-site agency that has a rich history of providing interprofessional education and support for interns from nursing, social work, mental health, recreational therapy, chemical health, non-profit management, and other disciplines. Touchstone has utilized IPE theory across all internship placements since 2014.