Serena Gramling, PhD, RN, CNE, COI
Assistant Professor
Jacksonville State University
Dr. Serena G. Gramling, PhD, MSN, RN is an Assistant Professor of Nursing at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama. Her clinical experience, academic experience, and research experience have provided her with an excellent background in nursing education, as well as research in diverse categories of social and behavioral sciences. Her clinical expertise areas are Emergency Care, Critical Care, and Flight Nursing. Her research interests include barriers associated with marginalized students in higher education, diversity and inclusion, LGBTQ+ students, interprofessional education, and the impact of Covid-19 on ICU nurses.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Objectives: 1) Understand the importance of an inclusive classroom environment and identify activities that promote inclusivity 2) Simulate activities that promote an inclusive classroom environment and reflect on the benefits of those activities. Teaching and learning methods in the classroom and the course should be accessible to all students regardless of race, culture, sexual orientation, or disability. Faculty who incorporate inclusive teaching methods in their classroom help to ensure that all students are recognized and that differing sociocultural perspectives have the opportunity to…
Simulation is a component of health care education and has provided active learning experiences in a clinical laboratory setting for students for countless years. Utilizing simulators is an evidence-based teaching approach that is widely accepted and incorporated in health care education programs including nursing, advanced practice nursing, respiratory therapy, and athletic training programs. In the simulation laboratory, students experience the "next best thing" to a live patient-care setting. A simulation activity can also provide students an opportunity to develop greater self-efficacy…