Chris Clark, EdD, LAT, ATC
Athletic Training Program Director and Assistant Professor, Kinesiology
Jacksonville State University
Dr. Chris Clark is an Assistant Professor and Program Director for the Master’s in Athletic Training program in the Department of Kinesiology at Jacksonville State University (JSU). He has conducted research within athletic training education as Athletic Training transitions from an entry-level undergraduate to an entry-level graduate degree. His research examines various instructional techniques that will contribute to improved AT education. His research interests include interprofessional education focused on providing optimal patient outcomes as well as athletic training education.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Interprofessional Education promotes teamwork and innovation across disciplines to transform the learning experiences across health-care professions. IPE practices were occurring at Jacksonville State University (JSU, Alabama) but were not operationalized to include IPECs core competencies. The last two years, we have developed an intentional plan to implement IPE across the University. With support from upper administration, we developed a strategic plan to integrate IPE at JSU, including identifying faculty championships, providing faculty resource support, and opportunities for…
Simulation is a component of health care education and has provided active learning experiences in a clinical laboratory setting for students for countless years. Utilizing simulators is an evidence-based teaching approach that is widely accepted and incorporated in health care education programs including nursing, advanced practice nursing, respiratory therapy, and athletic training programs. In the simulation laboratory, students experience the "next best thing" to a live patient-care setting. A simulation activity can also provide students an opportunity to develop greater self-efficacy…