Your IPE Institutional Story

Monday, August 22, 2022, 10:00 am - 11:00 am CDT
institutional history

Interprofessional education has a history of waxing and waning both nationally and locally. Without local historical knowledge, IPE programs may find themselves repeating missteps from the past and ignoring earlier successes; engagement with stakeholders may falter. This seminar presents reasons and methods for capturing institutional history to support and sustain IPE programming. Two institutions will share their experience with learning local history The session builds the IPE case through information by focusing on institutional elements promoting IPE. Session objectives are: 1) Recognize the value of an IPE institutional history for program sustainability; 2) Identify key institutional historical elements; 3) Apply historical knowledge to support the program. Participants will gain knowledge and skills of 1) how to capture historical elements through use of an institutional portfolio and 2) apply their “findings” for stakeholder engagement and program sustainability. Use of the institutional portfolio, small group discussion and large group discussion will be active learning strategies used and described below. The session will consist of the following activities:
Introduction (5 minutes)
The session topic and presenters will be introduced. The session learning objectives will be reviewed.
How Local History Is Important (10 minutes)
Two institutions will share the value they have learned in capturing their local “IPE story”, including better understanding of local drivers, supports, barriers and methods for sustainability. Such information has been helpful in strategizing engagement with stakeholders and program sustainability.
How to Capture Your IPE History (15 minutes)
An “Institutional Portfolio” template will be introduced for participants to use for capturing their local history. Participants will work through the elements with guided instruction from the session presenters. Discussion will consider items of particular value and feedback on the portfolio.
Using Your IPE History (25 minutes)
In small groups, participants will reflect on, and share, what they know of their IPE history or could learn of it, and apply that to understanding how to effectively engage stakeholders, further build IPE programming and/or sustain ongoing work. Small groups will convene to the larger discussion to share experiences and ideas.
Conclusion (5 minutes)
Major themes from the large group discussion and feedback about the Institutional Portfolio elements will be summarized.