Lightning Talk

Learning Together What Matters Most to Advance Care with People and Communities Through an Innovative Academic-Community Research Partnership

Tuesday, September 13, 2022, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm CDT
translational research

Advancing the care of people, families, and communities and achieving health equity is fostered through interprofessional academic-community partnerships, including community-engaged collaborations focused upon clinical and translational research. Frontiers, the University of Kansas’ Clinical and Translational Science Institute, believes that conducting clinical and translational research requires collaboration with patients, stakeholders, and community partners. Frontiers’ Community Engagement Core has adopted an innovative approach to community-engaged research through the collective efforts of two groups, the Health Humanities and Arts Research Collaborative (HHARC) and Multidisciplinary Advocate and Researchers Group (MARG), employing storytelling as a novel approach to seeking health equity through patient- and community-engagement.

HHARC, formed during the pandemic, is an interdisciplinary, interprofessional collaborative that leverages affinities within health, wellness, and health equity and connects over 230 scholars and practitioners in co-created academic-community partnerships. MARG, a regional collective of biomedical and health investigators, community health workers, and over 80 patient and community partners, grew out of Frontiers’ former community core. Together, HHARC/MARG serves as Frontiers’ Community Engagement Core. The HHARC/MARG partnership arose from community input and utilizes health humanities and arts as a lens to reveal and inform blind spots in our understanding of health and health equity across diverse populations and storytelling as a modality to leverage and elevate the voices and lived experiences of people, families, and communities to foster meaningful engagement in the service of health equity.

This Lightning Talk describes the development of an innovative academic-community research partnership, strategies to advance best practices in community-engaged research, and the use of storytelling as a modality to learn together what matters most to people and communities and achieve health equity. Examples will be drawn from HHARC/MARG research collaborations, training events, and partnership initiatives. This innovative research partnership holds promise for contributing to better care, better value, and better education through translational research.