Lightning Talk

Interprofessional Identity

Monday, August 22, 2022, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm CDT
Interprofessional identity

Recent research within IPE has focused on developing a larger framework to standardize and guide future research and interventions. Within the separate health professions, development of professional identity is considered foundational within their education (Adams, 2006). It is theorized that in order to become a lifelong interprofessional collaborator, the student must also develop an interprofessional identity along with their professional identity (August et al., 2020; Khalili & Orchard, 2020; Tong et al. 2020b). Yet, similar to other areas of IPE research, there is a lack of clarity of definitions and concepts regarding what interprofessional identity is, as well as how it impacts interprofessional collaboration after licensure (Reeves et al., 2011; Tong et al., 2020b). If interprofessional identity (IPI) can identified as a foundational theoretical concept within IPE, then limited resources could be focused in this area.

This lightning talk will discuss recent research and the authors current research as a DSW student on interprofessional identity, and will address the Nexus Summit theme of Building the IPE Case Through Information, Evidence, and Outcomes by discussing a potential building block of interprofessional educational pedagogy, interprofessional identity.

Research establishing key components of interprofessional identity will contribute to developing a theoretical framework for interprofessional education and establishing additional concepts from which to measure interprofessional educational outcomes, in analog to professional identity.