It is vital that the experiences of people with complex health and social needs inform the work and direction of the complex care field. The Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers has purposefully engaged consumers with lived experience to inform programs and the field of complex care.

Our Lightening Talk will take you on our journey of building an interdisciplinary complex care curricula for hospitals and health systems, academic medical centers, federally qualified health centers, behavioral health organizations, social service agencies, and managed care organizations, and how we incorporate consumers with lived experience to guide us along the way.

In 2020, the National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs, an initiative of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, released the core competencies for frontline complex care providers. These 30 competencies capture the essential elements of person-centered, team-based care that address physical, behavioral, and social elements of health. The National Center is developing online curricula that assess for and deliver these competencies. This curricula will be the foundation for a certificate in complex care and serve as a sustainable source of up-to-date evidence and best practices for the field.

While high-quality curricula exists, much of the current training resources are discipline-specific. There is a need for training that distills the principles that apply to any discipline, to ensure access to high quality content to the largest number of folks, and fill a gap for populations underserved by training.

We organized a Consumer Scholars Advisory Committee that focuses on the curricula from their unique perspective. Their fingerprints are on every course that we build. The feedback they provide is invaluable, ensuring we are creating a curricula that is inclusive of their experience and voice.

We are excited to share our processes, challenges, and bright spots of creating an interdisciplinary curricula!