Lightning Talk

Building Real-World Experiences for Nursing and Pharmacy Students

Sunday, August 21, 2022, 10:30 am - 11:30 am CDT

In this lightening talk I will review an IPE event that we developed for nursing and pharmacy students. We hear routinely from students that they want organic opportunities to interact with students from other professions in real-world settings where they can work in realistic scenarios. We developed an IPE event that brings together students to practice working collaboratively to solve patients’ medication-related problems. Nursing students identified a patient from clinical and "consulted" pharmacy students for help addressing medication issues in the acute care and community setting. We asked students to take the discussion a step further to incorporate discussion of social determinants of health and medication access. The other unique aspect of this event is that we trained pharmacy residents and Doctor of Nursing Practice - Advanced Practice (DNP-AP) students to serve as group facilitators. The event was a success based on the validated survey and open-ended responses provided by students and facilitators. We want to share the approach we used to develop the event with others as we believe it could serve as a model for similar events elsewhere. The event allowed students to get to know each others roles, how to communicate better and when to consult one another. In addition, our unique approach to group facilitation could be useful elsewhere. This talk fulfills the priority criteria because it focuses on bringing students together through the clinical education experience and use of EHR to gather patient data. It also incorporated a focus on assessing social determinants of health.