Traci Bartley, LCSW
Director of Ambulatory Social Work
OU Health
Traci has > 25 years experience in the clinical practice of social work and is the Director of Ambulatory Social Work for OU Health. Traci has led behavioral health integration efforts in her current position, expanding the team to every primary care, some specialty and pediatric practices in the healthcare system. Additionally, she works with OU Health’s Population Health team on several projects including targeted interventions focusing on SDoH with patients. She is fortunate to practice on talented interdisciplinary teams and is passionate about improving the health of her fellow Oklahomans and removing stigma around mental and social healthcare.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Description: Sepsis is the leading cause for hospital readmissions at OU Health – University of Oklahoma Medical Center with social determinants of health (SDoH) contributing and disproportionally affecting the Asian, Native American, and African American populations as well as those with domestic partners and those being discharged to law enforcement. Health literacy is an often missed key component of patient education. We have created an inpatient student-led interprofessional curriculum that seeks to expose students to SDoH, health literate patient education, community resources, and to…