Shreyas Krishnapura, B.S.
Medical Student
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
I am a second-year medical student at Vanderbilt University. I am enrolled in a longitudinal program for interprofessional learning in which I learn how to provide patient care alongside a pharmacy and nursing student in a Head and Neck Cancer outpatient clinic. My goal is to pursue a career in Otolaryngology and incorporate interprofessional learning into my clinical practice

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Background, including statement of problem, and aims:The treatment summary (TS) is a comprehensive cancer care record containing information regarding provider names and contact information, cancer diagnosis, tumor characteristics and treatment details. While the usefulness of treatment summaries has been evaluated in other cancer types, it has yet to be studied in Head and Neck Cancer (HNC) survivors. We are an interdisciplinary group comprised of a pharmacy, nursing, and medicine student. We aim to determine if receiving a TS enhances patient understanding and recall of cancer and treatment…