Sayyed Fawad Ali Shah, PhD
Associate Professor
Jacksonville State University
Dr. Sayyed Fawad Ali Shah is an Associate Professor of Communication at Jacksonville State University. He is also currently serving as the chair of the Health Communication Working Group of the American Public Health Association. His main research interests are in health communication, intercultural communication, and new and emerging media.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Interprofessional Education promotes teamwork and innovation across disciplines to transform the learning experiences across health-care professions. IPE practices were occurring at Jacksonville State University (JSU, Alabama) but were not operationalized to include IPECs core competencies. The last two years, we have developed an intentional plan to implement IPE across the University. With support from upper administration, we developed a strategic plan to integrate IPE at JSU, including identifying faculty championships, providing faculty resource support, and opportunities for…