Reesie Roland
IPE Program Manager
University of Colorado Anschutz
Reesie Roland is the Program Manager at the University of Colorado, Center for Interprofessional Practice & Education (CU CIPE) and education coordinator for the IPE foundational courses. Since 2010 she has managed project logistics, implementation, and support for ~800 students, ~40 faculty, IPE Team, and other Anschutz Campus stakeholders. She currently partners with Student Affairs and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to assure all students are represented well in our program. She enjoys managing the many logistics involved in successfully implementing an interprofessional course of this size, and the challenge to make it accessible to many leaner types.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

The pandemic has required educators to adapt their pedagogies, methodologies, and learning environments suddenly and gradually. We have learned that a ‘One Size Fits All’ approach often yields ‘One Size Fits None’ realities. The on-going challenge is to design simultaneously for in-person, online, synchronous, and asynchronous learners to provide flexibility for all learners to participate actively. At the University of Colorado’s Center for Interprofessional Practice & Education (CUCIPE) we created an inclusive environment for students accessing group learning in a variety of ways. Our…
The pandemic served as a catalyst for the CU Longitudinal Interprofessional Education (IPE) and Practice program to reexamine our curricular content and to adapt our teaching methodologies, pedagogies, and delivery modes. The IPE program consists of two courses where learners work in interprofessional teams to complete coursework related to team development, quality improvement, health equity and social determinants of health, and values/ethics. To meet the diverse learning needs of approximately 800 students from six health professions, CU IPE implemented a continuous quality improvement…