Monica Pasala, BS
Medical Student
University of Alabama, Heersink School of Medicine
Ms. Monica Pasala is a 3rd year medical student. She was born in a small village on the east coast of India, where access to basic medical care was hours away. Many people in that village passed away from preventable diseases. Naturally, her passion for medicine started with the desire to help people. During her 2nd year of medical school, she was exposed to interprofessional education and understood the importance of it in the medical field. Since then, she has been part of an interprofessional team to help develop and pilot case studies to train students like herself.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Background:Social and behavioral factors intersect with chronic health challenges, which are increasingly complex and multifactorial. Addressing these challenges requires interprofessional collaborations. Creative approaches are needed to prepare students for the realities of practice. Activities should be designed to prepare future healthcare providers, support development of competencies that cultivate ethical relationships, shared values, team building, professional interactions, and understanding of roles and responsibilities. Training programs need to support communication, strategy…
Description of Seminar1. Benefits of Using Faculty-Student Partnerships for Patient-case Development We will describe the benefits of using collaborative interprofessional teams including student scholars to develop new patient-cases for an interprofessional family tree. We will outline the development process for course content, delivery methodology, piloting, evaluation and quality improvement process. Throughout the development process, student perspectives regarding learner engagement are integrated. We will discuss the vital role student scholars play as interprofessional team members…