Miriam Cortez-Cooper, PhD, PT
Associate Professor/Assistant Program Director, DPT Program
Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions

Miriam is an associate professor and assistant program director in the DPT program at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMU). She has co-chaired the University's inaugural Interprofessional Education Committee since 2017. She and the committee established an IPE curriculum for on-campus and remote health professional students. Prior to coming to RMU, Miriam was part of an IPE coalition who spearheaded bringing simulation-based IPE to what was then, Georgia Health Sciences University in 2014. She recently completed the AIHC/National Center Mentoring Program as a mentee to help her develop a long range plan for IPE at her institution. She will continue in the program but as a mentor in hopes of sharing what she has learned.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Misperceptions of health professionals’ scope of practice and contributions to the healthcare team limits the quality and quantity of provider interactions and may ultimately result in suboptimal and inefficient patient care. Individuals are often unaware of their knowledge gaps and the extent to which their experiences influence their perception of the work of others. The Generic Roles Perception Questionnaire (GRPQ) was developed to assess student views regarding the roles of other healthcare professionals. The GRPQ could be used to highlight discrepancies between how students see…
Interprofessional faculty peer mentoring fosters learning together in the nexus to address what matters most to advance and sustain interprofessional practice and education (IPE). Formal and informal programs utilizing faculty or expert patients as mentors exist for interprofessional students, residents, and fellows and intraprofessional pre-/post-doctoral students, early career faculty, and clinical and translational research learners. Few opportunities exist for health and health-related professions faculty to receive formal mentoring across rank and experience levels to advance and sustain…