Malini Anand
Medical Student
Vanderbilt School of Medicine
Malini Anand is a third-year medical student at Vanderbilt School of Medicine and is passionate about working with underserved communities and helping promote health justice. Malini earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of California Santa Barbara with a focus in cell and developmental biology. She is a strong advocate for promoting health equity throughout patient care and fostering holistic care in surgical fields.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Routine lab follow-up is imperative for HIV patients. At the Comprehensive Care Clinic, our interdisciplinary team includes a pharmacy practitioner, a physician, a and counseling professional to help provide the most guideline HIV-based care while in the clinic. At the CCC, our team noticed a lack of follow-up to labs increases resource use and provider burden in determining care plans. The percentage of patients that did not have appropriate lab follow-up increased significantly during the COVID pandemic. Identifying patient barriers to lab follow-up at the CCC can help optimize resource use…