Lauren Snowdon, PT, DPT, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor, Director of Clinical Education
Seton Hall University
Dr. Lauren Snowdon, PT, DPT, Ed.D. has been a practicing physical therapist since 2001. Throughout her career, Dr. Snowdon has been actively involved in clinical research and has presented locally and nationally on varied topics including management of neurologic clients, interprofessional education, simulation, and clinical education. Dr. Snowdon is currently an Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Education in Seton Hall University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program teaching courses focused on neurologic physical therapy practice and clinical education.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Healthcare educators must view themselves as knowledge brokers who create learning opportunities to transmit scientific knowledge, information, and innovations to students to advance person-centered care (Sverrisson, 2001). Knowledge brokers serve as a link between what we know and how we know it, why it is important to know, and ensure that all who need to know have the information. Traditionally, knowledge brokers work in the public domain with patients and the private domain in laboratories (Blondel, 2006). We argue that knowledge brokering must expand into the academic domain. The World…