Kimberly Won, PharmD, APh, BCCCP
Assistant Professor
Chapman University School of Pharmacy
Kimberly Won is critical care/emergency medicine specialist and assistant professor at Chapman University’s School of Pharmacy and Physician Assistant Master's Program. As the IPE Chair Committee and pharmacy coordinator of the IPE 503 course, she has helped to develop IPE experiences for 270+ health professional students each year. She has also developed an simulation-based emergency medicine IPE course for pharmacy and physician assistant students. Notably, she has worked with others in the Society for Simulation in Healthcare Pharmacy Affinity Group to write a book chapter on clinical skills development in the virtual learning environment.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Education through a virtual platform has expanded tremendously during the pandemic. While most of these education activities have centered on didactic learning, the need for an active approach to patient care is essential. We explored using a virtual platform to provide a simulated patient care experience with standardized patients for a total of 146 medical and pharmacy students . Students were assigned to interprofessional teams of four to five students, with at least two students representing each profession on each team. Teams interacted with a standardized patient with aspiration…