Kimberly Miller, PA-C
Director of Clinical Education
Seton Hall University
Kimberly Ann Miller, PA-C, received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Georgian Court University and her Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant from the Rutgers University/University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Physician Assistant program. She practiced clinically for eighteen years in a variety of surgical settings before starting her full-time career in higher education. She is currently a full-time faculty member and Director of Clinical Education at the Seton Hall University Physician Assistant program in New Jersey.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Healthcare educators must view themselves as knowledge brokers who create learning opportunities to transmit scientific knowledge, information, and innovations to students to advance person-centered care (Sverrisson, 2001). Knowledge brokers serve as a link between what we know and how we know it, why it is important to know, and ensure that all who need to know have the information. Traditionally, knowledge brokers work in the public domain with patients and the private domain in laboratories (Blondel, 2006). We argue that knowledge brokering must expand into the academic domain. The World…