Katherine Berryhill, BS
Doctor of Audiology Student
Ball State University
Katherine Berryhill is in her second year of earning her Doctorate in Audiology at Ball State University. She has always loved the idea of helping others, and becoming an audiologist will allow her to do just that. Being a part of the College of Health has allowed her to understand the importance of interprofessional healthcare. The virtual escape room project blended her love of video games, problem-solving, and escape rooms. This allowed her the chance to work with individuals who wanted to make a fun and educational game about the importance of an interdisciplinary work ethic.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

The Pandemic led to major disruption in the way live educational experiences occur and will continue to occur for interprofessional education (IPE). As we evolve into the next phase of the Pandemic, institutions continue to face challenges to deliver meaningful and impactful IPE learning experiences for students to build skills for interprofessional collaborative practice in live and distance formats. To address this problem, we developed a virtual, avatar-based, multi-user 3-D video interprofessional escape room to support health profession students in developing skills in interprofessional…