Jody Feld, PT, DPT, PhD
Assistant Professor
Duke University School of Medicine, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
Dr. Feld is physical therapist and clinical researcher with a specialization in adult neurological rehabilitation. She joined the faculty in 2011. Dr. Feld's expertise is used across the curriculum in foundational and advanced practice courses in area of neurological rehabilitation and gait. Dr. Feld's research focuses on improving clinical decision making for multidisciplinary healthcare providers targeting personalized rehabilitation at a critical time in recovery post stroke (early after discharge) when stroke survivors are adapting to life at home with disability. In addition, Dr. Feld has developed and published in interprofessional collaborative learning for students and clinicians in health professions.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Objectives:1. Review the rationale and reasoning behind the development of an interprofessional clinical learning experience 2. Discuss resources and commitments required for the development and maintenance of an interprofessional clinical learning experience 3. Review the “existential” questions that must be addressed when considering an interprofessional clinical learning experience 4. Brainstorm ideas and formulate answers that are profession and program specific in order to develop and grow an interprofessional clinical learning experienceThis Seminar is an opportunity to examine and…