Jennifer Drost, DO, MPH
Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Director
Summa Health Systems
Dr. Jennifer Drost is the Geriatric Medical Director and Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Director at Summa Health. Her first passion is in Home Base Primary Care where she works with homebound older adults and their families. She enjoys sharing her love for this high-risk population for others and provides clinical experiences for students, residents, and fellows. Throughout her practice, she focuses on ensuring patient centered care while optimizing the interprofessional team. Dr. Drost is also the Co-project director for the NEOMED Geriatric Workforce Enhancement program.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

The traditional model of medical care only accounts for 10% of health outcomes, whereas social determinants of health account for over 60%. Since older adults are commonly diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses, effective care for these patients requires meaningful collaboration between medical and community-based care providers. We will describe an integrated interprofessional collaborative model of care between a health system and the local Area Agency on Aging (AAoA) called the Care Management Interdisciplinary Team (CMIT). CMIT is both a real-world functioning interprofessional team…