Gerry Ibay, JD, MHA
Vice Chair and Assistant Professor, MHA Program Director
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Gerry has almost 20 years of healthcare experience in multiple roles, organization types, and geographies, including NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Bon Secours Health System. His experience spans strategy, operations, development, and information systems. In his current role he teaches executive skills related to relationships and communication and organizational theory and behavior. He is passionate about teaching healthcare colleagues how to manage stress, identify their stories, and develop and nurture effective interprofessional relationships. Gerry is pursuing a PhD in Organizational and Community Leadership and is working on developing a mindfulness-based framework for cultivating and nurturing effective interpersonal dynamics.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Learner outcomes in interprofessional education are considered to be tied to the expertise and proficiency of the faculty or clinician educator. However, many educators in the traditional health sciences academy are not trained in the methods of evidence-based best practices for interprofessional education. As a method to enhance existing and encourage future interprofessional activities, a university Interprofessional Educators & Practitioners Association (IEPA) has proposed the creation of a foundational interprofessional/interdisciplinary facilitator/educator certificate program. The…