Ellen Crowell, PhD
Assoc. Professor, Director Undergraduate Core Curriculum Committee
Saint Louis University
Dr. Crowell is an Associate Professor in the Department of English at Saint Louis University. She joined the SLU faculty in 2004 and teaches poetry, literary studies, women in literature, and gender & identity in literature. Dr. Corwell has actively participated in national professional development and collaborative work focused upon Integrative Learning and Signature Work in Undergraduate Education with the AACU and Initiating and Sustaining Undergraduate Research Programs. She was appointed the Director of the Undergraduate Core Curriculum Committee and has led a team of faculty in the development and integration of the new core curriculum.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Sustainability and integration into the wider institution are common concerns for IPE programs. The IPE team at Saint Louis University (SLU) has engaged in a collaborative process of integrating IPE courses and outcomes with a new university-wide core curriculum for all undergraduate students. This seminar will share a Core Curriculum Framework, outcomes, and essential criteria and the process of working across the institution to align IPEC competencies to University Student Learning Outcomes and strengthen IP learning as a contributing partner to the overall goals and outcomes of a SLU…