Dori Mazor, MBA
Senior Learning and Development Manager
Intend Health Strategies
Dori Peleg Mazor manages learning and development initiatives for Intend Health. She designs curriculum, materials, and activities to promote leadership and collaboration among health care providers and academics, engaging inter-professional audiences from regional health networks and academic institutions. She has also overseen experiential learning and career development programs at MIT, Wellesley College, and Northeastern University. Her areas of interest include mentorship, coaching, training, and the advancement of racial and gender justice in medical education.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Improving the quality of care performed by interprofessional teams has been a complex problem in health care for years. Progress has been made with the adoption of formal quality improvement measures; however, success has been slower and more variable than anticipated. Research shows that relational issues, not technical problems, are more often impairing the success of quality improvement initiatives (1). In fact, improvement efforts often overemphasize technical approaches, to the detriment of relational ones, when evidence supports that relational factors are more impactful on…