Diane Brown, PhD,MSN,RN, CCRN
Associate Professor, School of Nursing
The University of Akron
Dr. Diane Brown is an Associate Professor at the University of Akron, where she has taught in nursing for over 25 years. Scholarship interests include interprofessional education with simulation in a variety of settings to enhance interprofessional collaborative practice competencies among students and licensed health professionals. She has published and presented at numerous conferences on these topics as an individual and as part of an interprofessional team. She is a subaward PI for a multi-site HRSA-funded grant geared toward education related to team-based older adults, and co-PI for SAMHSA funding that targets education of providers treating substance use disorder.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

The Addiction treatment Counts Interprofessional Training (ACE-IT) program was designed to address the substance use disorder (SUD) treatment gap by expanding Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral and Treatment (SBIRT) approach integration into the curriculum of four health professions’ programs. A goal is to increase the number of interprofessionally-trained collaborative clinicians prepared to deliver high quality SUD treatment within practice and community settings. Our lightning talk will describe this virtual interprofessional education consisting of 13 educational modules and…
We will describe virtual interprofessional simulation experiences developed as part of our HRSA-funded Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP). The simulations promote interprofessional collaboration by mimicking a tabletop team care-planning process for a complex older adult. These experiences were integrated into the curriculum across disciplines at multiple academic institutions. The education design is scaffolded with didactics as part of the pre-simulation work and a review of the important didactic content on the day of the simulation. Pre-COVID the simulations were held in…