Dean Lising, PT, MSc (Health Admin), BScPT, BSc
Team-Based Practice and Education Lead, Lecturer
Centre for Advancing Collaborative Healthcare & Education, Department of Physical Therapy, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Dean Lising, BSc Biology, BScPT, MHSc, is the Team-Based Practice and Education Lead at the Centre for Advancing Collaborative Healthcare and Education (formerly named Centre for Interprofessional Education), University of Toronto (UT) and appointment as Lecturer at Department of Physical Therapy, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, . Dean holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, a Masters of Health Administration degree, UT Faculty of Medicine, UT. Dean has led interprofessional teams in leadership and management roles, advancing professional practice, quality improvement and safety, education and redevelopment. As Co-Lead of IPC competency working groups, Dean has supporting the advancement of a common interprofessional competency framework, team and organizational tools across the Toronto Academic Health Science Network to integrate team assessment, reflection and integration of interprofessional competencies. Dean supports team development for intersectoral teams as faculty for Ontario’s Improving and Driving Excellence Across Sectors (IDEAS) Foundation programs, the Centre for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Certificate Course and the PT Practice within the Canadian Health Care Context Course, UT. He has also co-authored publications regarding quality improvement, team dynamics, IPE curriculum, ,team resilience and innovation in covid-19 care. As Director of BOOST! (Building Optimal Outcomes from Successful Teamwork) program and Co-Founder/Co-Lead of VITAL (Virtual Interprofessional Teaching and Learning) program, Dean facilitates teams in virtual care, role clarity, conflict, communication and resilience.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

In this Lightning Talk, the evolution and vision of InterprofessionalResearch.Global’s (IPR.Global) Knowledge Network will be presented. IPR.Global is an international network of scholars, leaders, service providers, decision-makers, administrators, service-users, and students that promote and advocate for evidence-informed, theory-driven, methodologically rigorous interprofessional education for collaborative practice (IPECP) research, practices, and policies. Originally formed as an IPR.Global knowledge exchange working group in early 2019, the purpose was to ensure that the most relevant…
Description of Session:The evolution of virtual teaching during the pandemic has revolutionized health professional education, creating a decade of change within the span of a week. (Langlois, 2020, Lackie et al., 2020). At the Centre for Advancing Collaborative Healthcare and Education (formerly named the Centre for Interprofessional Education), curriculum and pedagogy pivoted to virtual delivery to serve the needs of stakeholders/organizations. This seminar will walk participants through the roadmap and journey of a virtual interprofessional teaching and learning program (VITAL). This…