Brittany Daulton, PhD, MS
Director of Evaluation
Indiana University Interprofessional Practice and Education Center
Brittany J. Daulton, PhD, MS is the Director of Evaluation at the Indiana University Interprofessional Practice and Education Center. Dr Daulton leads evaluation and assessment of interprofessional programming, including the Team Education Advancing Collaboration in Healthcare (TEACH) curriculum. She leads the Assessment and Evaluation Committee, working with faculty across the state to develop and implement evaluation plans that meet the needs of various programs at IU and partner institutions.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Incorporating scientific literature and evidenced-based recommendations into practice are requirements of all healthcare professionals. This is particularly important in the current ‘digital age’, when patients have easy access to health-related information and frequently conduct their own online searching. This often leads to patients coming to healthcare encounters with information or questions related to their issues of concern, and can include varying levels of reputable evidence related to potential preventative or treatment solutions. Similarly, healthcare professionals will conduct…