Brandon Moritz, BS
Graduate Research Assistant / 4th Year Medical Student
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine and Office of Interdisciplinary Programs
After completing a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Arkansas and having a number of formative clinical and non-clinical experiences in underserved communities, Brandon pursued becoming a physician (MD) at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine with a specific interest in caring for medically underserved communities for his career. Since then, he has continued to acquire experience in leadership, research, quality improvement, medical education, and advocacy. The culmination of his education and experiences has led him to pursue a career as a double-board certified Internal Medicine and Pediatrics physician in a medically underserved community in the future.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Climate change is a public health crisis that exacerbates health issues and inequalities. Health professionals have the responsibility to understand climate-related health effects. Though climate change poses one of the biggest threats to health, most health students have not received formalized education on its health effects. Student-led initiatives may be integral in addressing the present gaps in knowledge. Bridges to Access (B2A) is an annual, free, student-led, interdisciplinary conference that aims to identify and solve the most pressing health issues of today, with a particular focus…