Ashley Moller-Hansen, BHSc (Hons)
Health Mentor
UBC Patient & Community Partnership for Education
Ashley Moller-Hansen recently completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) degree at Queen’s University. She has dual research interests in medical genetics and patient involvement in medical education. Motivated by her own experiences as well as her daughter's experiences in the healthcare system, Ashley has also been a UBC Health Mentor for five years.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

People living with chronic health concerns have important life and health care experiences that can enrich interprofessional education (IPE). For 10 years Patient & Community Partnership for Education has coordinated an Interprofessional Health Mentors program (HMP) at the University of British Columbia, Canada. The HMP is an elective educational experience in which teams of students from different disciplines learn from and with a mentor who has a chronic condition or disability, or is a caregiver. The program provides learning relevant to interprofessional competencies with an emphasis…