Alex Kling, BA, BSN
Registered Nurse
Mayo Clinic Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona
Born and raised in Tempe, AZ, Alex grew up with two public servant parents. He finished a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology in 2007 at the University of Arizona, Tucson. In 2010, Alex spent a year abroad in Sevilla, Spain to learn about new culture and language, teach English, and spend quality time in self-reflection. After several years climbing the leadership ladder in retail he switched gears to pursue a career in nursing. After completing his BSN degree at Arizona State University in 2021, he started his new career as a registered nurse with Mayo Clinic in Phoenix.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Learning objectives 1. Define sex, gender, and intersectionality of race and social variables. 2. Describe examples of sex and gender ( S/G) differences in patient-practitioner communication, and disease manifestations, diagnosis and/or treatment. 3. Use the Six Step model for interprofessional S/G based education and collaborative practice. Differences in biological sex and gender (S/G) influence patient-practitioner communication; attitudes towards health care; diagnosis, disease management, and health outcomes. Education on this topic is deficient. To achieve the quadruple aim, it is…