Afra Guia Antoinette Trinidad, PharmD
Medical Student
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Dr. Afra Trinidad is a pharmacy graduate from the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Rutgers University and is currently a second-year medical student at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. She is extensively involved with The Promise Clinic, a student-run longitudinal free clinic for uninsured patients in New Brunswick, NJ, involved in the leadership team for the RBHS Interprofessional Education program, and serves on the board of the Medical Society of New Jersey Medical Students Section. Her interests include emergency medicine, public health, global health, interprofessional education, and healthcare policy/advocacy.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Interprofessional education (IPE) is an important component of healthcare education preparing students to provide well-rounded patient care as part of a collaborative team. Despite the overall satisfaction reported with participation in IPE programs and events, challenges exist due to IPE efforts commonly being faculty-led, in-person, and single-session. The purpose of this study is to describe an approach to the implementation and flexible modification of a pilot virtual, longitudinal, case-based, student-led, faculty-supported IPE program designed to address the challenges encountered by…