Lightning Talk

Padlet Benefits for Interprofessional Classroom Learning During Pandemic & Beyond

Sunday, August 21, 2022, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm CDT
educational technologies

Background: The pandemic required educators to adapt their teaching methodologies and learning environments at a moment’s notice.   At the University of Colorado’s Center for Interprofessional Practice & Education (CIPE) we adapted our team report out methods to accommodate asynchronous participation from long-distance learners around the world and those with conflicting clinical schedules locally.   Our challenge was how to include asynchronous learners in synchronous inter-team discussions and classroom learning.  Originally, we utilized discussion boards within the Canvas learning management system to document team and inter-team discussions and the ‘like’ structure to vote on team products.  Asynchronous learners were able to contribute to team discussion boards prior to the synchronous session and review classroom discussion boards after the synchronous team discussions.  However, based on student and faculty complaints and confusion, we pushed ourselves to look for other online tools and discovered Padlet. 

Description: This oral presentation will outline the benefits and lessons learned for using Padlet for interprofessional team report-outs.  Padlet is an educational technology, or online pin board, that is visually appealing and easy to navigate.  Learners can attach team products, articles, videos, and audio recordings for others to view allowing for inter-team learning.   

Results: Padlet was an easy way to duplicate our team report out instructions for 20 different classrooms.  These pinboards allowed for ~60 volunteer faculty and ~850 students to access, review, and comment on team decisions in real time and/or after the synchronous sessions.   Padlet offered a way for our asynchronous learners to engage in our remote learning environment and a solution for absent students to make up the session and review classroom learning. 

Conclusion: Padlet is an educational technology, or online pin board, that improved our ability to facilitate interprofesssional classroom report outs and engage our learners in inter-team discussions, gallery walks, peer reviews, and make-up assignments.