Lightning Talk

The Optimal Interprofessional Clinical Learning Environment: A Novel Approach for Development of a Needs Assessment Tool to Guide Organizations

Monday, August 22, 2022, 10:00 am - 11:00 am CDT
Clinical Learning Environment

Many organizations desire to begin to develop and implement structures and processes that will lead to an optimal interprofessional clinical learning environment (IP-CLE). A readiness tool that focuses on the ability for institutions/organizations to assess their current state of readiness and the structures and processes needed to achieve the optimal IP-CLE may be a useful tool for many. The National Collaborative for Improving the Clinical Learning Environment (NCICLE) describes a systematic process to create a needs assessment tool founded in interprofessional education and collaboration theory. Utilizing current validated assessment tools of IPE and teaming and the NCICLE framework for the optimal IP-CLE, collaborators cross-walked the NCICLE domains for the optimal IP-CLE with core constructs from these validated tools. A thematic analysis was performed using triangulated data from three reviewers and was then utilized to create a Likert Scale needs assessment tool. The use of this readiness tool is formative and will provide a self-assessment for the organization. Further plans include piloting the needs assessment tool for further validation.