Lightning Talk

Learning Together to Optimize Primary Care EHR

Sunday, August 21, 2022, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm CDT
Electronic Health Records

Despite many positive benefits, electronic health records (EHRs) are a major source of stress and dissatisfaction for providers and team members. In our ongoing project to transform primary care, we sought to identify priorities for optimizing interprofessional primary care. The top-rated choices from team members all involved optimizing the EHR.

We developed a multi-faceted approach to understand how the EHR could be optimized for improved teaming and efficiency. This approach included focus group interviews, discussions with EHR experts and a modified Delphi survey to determine priorities and options for addressing them.

We then triangulated the data and partnered with informatics experts to share EHR use data and plan training and coaching of to improve efficiency and better integration of documentation into daily workflows. Our results included broad interest in strategies to optimize the EHR to promote efficiency, workflow and team-based care. Primary care clinicians desire improved functionality to receive real-time feedback, efficiency and less time documenting care.

The clinical informatics staff were integral to reviewing metrics on EHR workflow, identifying and optimizing available features for teamwork, and discussions of novel strategies for more efficient teamwork, coordination and documentation.
Team-based care in the digital age requires engagement of and partnering with EHR experts, auditing and workflow redesign to promote teaming, satisfaction and efficiency. Working in partnership with local clinical informaticist staff we helped improve EHR-related workflows and opportunities for communications and coordination. These strategies and others should be considered for redesigning primary care work and EHR optimization for improving team member satisfaction and well-being.

The purpose of this talk is to describe a collaborative approach to improving the use and satisfaction of the EHR for communication and coordination across team members. Participants will learn how to construct teams to solve EHR problems along with realistic strategies they can use.