Lightning Talk

IPE QUEST: Traveling the Interprofessional World

Tuesday, September 13, 2022, 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm CDT

Interprofessional education (IPE) is a vital component of health science curricular development. IPE lays the groundwork for collaborative practice, which in turn leads to improved patient care and outcomes through the transfer of knowledge, enhanced decision-making, and information sharing. IPE programming that focuses on the concepts of communication and teamwork is critical for learners to experience as these concepts are central to successful collaboration.

IPE QUEST (Quandaries of Unifying, Energizing, and Superlative Teamwork), is a program created and developed by the Campbell University Office of Interprofessional Education (CUIPE) that emphasizes the interprofessional competencies of communication and teamwork and their importance in understanding the roles and responsibilities of members of healthcare teams in collaborative practice. Modeled after “The Amazing Race”, during this outdoor relay-styled event, students ‘traveled’ to eight stations representing the different professions of pharmacy, physician assistant, pharmaceutical sciences, clinical research, public health, physical therapy, nursing, and osteopathic medicine. Students were required to collaborate as interprofessional teams to complete academic puzzles and technical skills specific to each discipline. After completing the required puzzle or skill, teams were provided QR codes to access short debrief videos that explained the purpose of the activity and its relevance to the specific profession. Successful completion of each discipline-specific station provided student teams with a passport stamp, as well as a one or two-word clue that comprised a phrase specifically tied to the IPE competencies. To successfully complete the QUEST event, student teams had to present their stamped passports for inspection, unscramble the IPE competency phrase, and write one key concept they learned from participating.

IPE QUEST provides health professions students with an opportunity to learn first-hand the need for collaboration in patient care. This lighting talk will describe the development, planning process, execution, and assessment of the IPE QUEST program.