Lightning Talk

Incorporating IPE into a University Core Curriculum Course: Introduction to Health Consumerism

Tuesday, August 23, 2022, 10:00 am - 11:00 am CDT
interprofessional education

Ball State University College of Health is incorporating interprofessional education into curriculum across health professions students at an early stage. A team of interprofessional faculty from health sciences and nutrition, nursing, and social work developed a Tier 1 humanities University Core Curriculum course, Introduction to Health Consumerism, to address this need and educate all students about the importance of being informed consumers of health care. The Summit theme of Interprofessional Learning for Collaborative Practice and Education will be addressed as we provide knowledge to learners about the rationale and development of this core curriculum course. We will also share themes and potential topics that may be useful to others planning to develop a course like this to meet humanities requirements in their university’s curriculum.
Health is vital to everyone and students across all disciplines need to become educated consumers of health care and the health care system. Through the instructional experience from this course, students acquire information as health care consumers to attain knowledge about various aspects of health consumerism. This knowledge enables students to become informed health care consumers by comprehending the evolution of the modern American health care system, understanding how social and cultural determinants of health contribute to personal well-being and population health, and how interprofessional collaboration contributes to patient-centered care. Students also have the opportunity to learn from professors in each discipline that developed the course, thus exposing them to the perspectives of each member of a team early in their careers. This course challenges students to become health care advocates for themselves and others both personally and professionally. Important considerations related to differing perspectives and issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion are also highlighted throughout the course. This new core curriculum course launched spring 2022. We will also share student learning outcomes data with learners.