Lightning Talk

Empowering Interprofessional Learners Developing an Innovative Leadership Curriculum

Monday, August 22, 2022, 10:00 am - 11:00 am CDT

This lightning talk unpacks lessons learned from the development of a brand new, interprofessional learner-run curriculum committee. The talk begins with a brief task review - developing content to teach psychiatry residents key concepts of interprofessional leadership. Participants at this talk will learn about the chronology of committee membership and steps taken at multiple junctures to enrich the committee. This lightning talk concludes with a summary of committee successes and additional opportunities for subsequent interprofessional learner committee development. This talk highlights faculty mentorship of a collaborative initiative led by learners which is consistent with the first conference theme (Interprofessional Learning for Collaborative Practice and Education). Four of five submission authors are learners in accordance with conference priority criteria. Additionally, the learners developed a curriculum focused on effective communication which supports the Quadruple Aim vis-a-vis provider wellness (another priority criteria). Authors represent two professions (medicine, psychology) and review contributions of additional professional learners (nursing, social work). While this talk does not summarize quantitative data, effective collaboration with the IRB is an “opportunity” for developing future quality improvement initiatives. Attendees of this lightning talk will leave with actionable ideas for improving interprofessional education in the formal didactic space. For example, we will review facilitating and debriefing a crucial conversation, maximizing available resources, and adapting material in response to feedback. In addition to the IRB, additional opportunities to discuss include schedule alignment and early efforts to sustain longevity.